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Chef Jomon Kuriakose: Shaping the Culinary Future at WorldFood Istanbul 2023

Chef Jomon Kuriakose: Shaping the Culinary Future at WorldFood Istanbul 2023

In the vibrant culinary world of 2023, one name stands out as a global influencer and trendsetter in the industry - Chef Jomon Kuriakose, affectionately known as Chef Jomon. As the Executive Chef at LaLiT London, he has not only redefined the gastronomic experience in one of the world’s culinary capitals but has also been invited to share his insights at the prestigious WorldFood Istanbul, an international food exhibition. This esteemed event brings together food enthusiasts, experts, and industry professionals from around the globe to celebrate the diversity and evolution of the culinary arts.

At WorldFood Istanbul 2023, Chef Jomon will take center stage to discuss a topic close to every food lover’s heart: “Tasting the Future: Influencer Chef Perspectives on Featuring Culinary Trends.” In a world where food trends are ever-evolving, Chef Jomon’s insights promise to be enlightening and inspirational.

He will delve into the culinary trends that are shaping the future of food. From sustainable practices to fusion cuisines and the innovative use of ingredients, Chef Jomon will offer a unique perspective on how these trends are not just shaping our plates but also our planet. His commitment to sustainability and his ability to fuse flavors from around the world into a harmonious dining experience make him a trailblazer in the industry.

Date & location:

8 September, Friday 10:30 - 11:15 TUYAP

Read More: worldfood-istanbul.com/speakers/jomon-kuriakose

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